WCW of the month — January

Just like I promised, this year I’ll be posting my WCW and MCM of each month. I’ll post peoples (including celebrities) who I think they deserve to be my WCW and MCM. In some of the posts, there might be an interview between me and the person, or just a little biography. And you also get a chance to pick someone to be our WCW or MCM, this can be your friend,father,mother,wife,husband,girlfriend,boyfriend…etc. All you have to do, is tell us why she/he deserve to be our WCW/MCM.


And as a start, we are going to start with miss Noreen. I was able to have a little interview with miss Noreen, and here it is.

Me: Good afternoon miss Noreen

Noreen: Good afternoon.

Me: Are you ready for our interview?

Noreen: Sure… im good

Me: So, lets start. Miss Noreen, can you tell us a little about yourself? And before you answer that, can I call you miss Noreen?

Noreen: “laughs” Yes, please do. Well My Full Name is Noreen Audax.Im 27yrs old. And im the Only child in My Family. Not married,No kids yet

Me: Well Miss Noreen, What do you do for a living?

Noreen:  Im Currently the Owner of a Fastfood Restaurant.And i also run a boutique with Two Partners.

Me: Well go girl! I would love to pay you a visit someday, cause I heard you are a great chef .

Can you tell us what your strengths and weaknesses are?

Noreen: Im very goal oriented. When i set out for something, I make a plan after proper research on how to make it happen and I go for it. I give it my all  I dont hold anything. That is my strength… And its Also my weakness. Sometimes, I get so focused on accomplishing the tasks at hand in order to achive my goal i forget to appriciate the little things in present life. Looking for the future I sometimes forget to live in the present. 

Me: I guess it is something we both need to work on “both laughing”.

Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?

Noreen: Well, Business wise in five years, I would like to own a well known well serving international restaurant. I would like to also be a big supplier of chicken and fish to consumers independently locally and companies at large.

Me: Sounds great.

Give me an example of a time that you felt you went above and beyond the call of duty at work.

Noreen: Well… I remember when I first opened my restaurant. Im the supervisor so my job is to only oversee the workers and make sure the tasks given to them accomplished to customers satisfactory. But one day, there was a flood of customers and it was a rainy day. I had to help clean, cook and serve the customers and that too for 5 hours beyond my work schedule so I can assist the workers and satisfy the clients.

Me: Multitasking, i love that.

Can you describe a time when your work was criticized?

Noreen: Yes.. This Restaurant is My First. So its a learning experience in terms of customers needs. I have mainly been criticized for my prices. My service is as high as I can make it and the prices reflect that. Some customers no matter the great service ,would still compare the prices to the other local places they use to frequent. Forgetting its not about the product only that determines the price but also the service rendered.

Me: What can I say, that’s how we human being are. But, how do you deal with it?

Noreen: Well I always implore my workers and I remind myself as well to always explain to the customers politely why the pricing is in that way. Somtimes it needs more patience to make the point taken across but, still every customers deserves to be content with the knowledge they spent their hard earned money correctly.

Me: I have to confess, I like the relationship you have with your workers. And if am not wrong, in one of your Instagram posts, you wrote ” I prefer it when my workers call me sister instead of boss “. Can you tell me, why?

Noreen: Yes.. That is because I believe when you run your business and the workers as family, the amount of loyalty and honesty one will get is endless. I give my workers room to talk freely, to suggest, advise and even criticize where necessary. I make them feel the business is not only mine but theirs too.  So my success is not mine alone but theirs and so is the loss. Im transparent to them on both factors.

Me: Just like I said, I like the connection you have with your workers, despite the saying “you gotta keep work en friendship separately.

How would you describe your work style?

Noreen: Well i have learnt that in business you have to be flexible. So Im not so specific on a specific work style. Its not every system in the book that works in real life as well. Sometimes you have to break a few rules and adjust to a new plan to reach the same goal. So as long as it does not degrade my work ethics, Im open to new ideas.

Me: Optimistic “laughs”

What three character traits would your friends use to describe you?

Noreen:  “laughs” For that one I think you would have to ask my Friends. They know me better in their own terms. If I answer that I maybe answering what I think they think of Me, which way or may not be as correct… But,to my friends what i try to be for them is a GIVER, LISTENER and ADVISER.

Me: The kinda friend everyone should have “laughs”

List five words that describe your character.


Me. And without wasting your time. My last question is…

If you had to choose one, would you consider yourself a big-picture person or a detail-oriented person? 

Noreen: Im a very detail oriented person… I believe its the details that counts to making the big picture a possibility. So I strive to make the first one happen in order to achive the later.

Me: Miss Noreen , thank you so much for your time. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me. I wish you all the best in your dreams.

Noreen: Its been a pleasure to be hosted by You, I thank you for the opportunity. And I wish you the best in your work. May our paths cross Again.


_20151115_010120Noreen standing infront of her house.


Noreen busy prepairing food in her restaurant. For those who live in Dar-es_ salaam, Noreen’s restaurant is located in Tabata, Tabata Magengeni busstop, opposite the catholic church. Don’t hesitate to pay her a visit and who knows you might even get employed. I heard she was searching for extra workers.

_20151115_010030You can find Noreen on Instagram as @chexyeyes.



I hope you liked the interview and if you know anyone who you think deserves to be our WCW, dont hesitate to contact us through : iloovefashiion@gmail.com and tell us why she should be our WCW.


Have a nice day yáll.





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