7 Makeup DOs And DON’Ts for Healthy Skin

Makeup was created to help women glam up any look. In the right hands, makeup can help paint the most beautiful face and transform even the dullest skin, but there are still things to avoid.

If you wear makeup every day, I bet you’ve scoured the internet for blogs and websites offering makeup tips. While some of them prove helpful, you may find that some can cause more harm than good—and that’s something you want to avoid.

You put on makeup to look beautiful. Skin that is damaged because of improper use of makeup is never pretty, so to maintain beautiful skin while enjoying the benefits of makeup, here are the dos and don’ts to live by.

Makeup DOs

1. DO prep the skin on your face.

Beautiful young woman with clean fresh skin touching her face

Before you apply foundation or any makeup, prep your skin to ensure that it is clean and not greasy. Use moisturizer first to give your face that smooth feeling. If you have oily skin, use a moisturizer that helps to control the oil. This way, when you apply makeup, you won’t have a hard time making it work since you’ve already addressed your skin issues.

2. DO use a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly.

How do you know what the best foundation for your skin type is? Trial and error! Go to a department store’s makeup section and try the foundation on your face. You don’t want to purchase one without even being sure that’s it’s the foundation that will best work on your skin, right?

3. DO apply foundation before the concealer.

Your concealer is wasted when you apply it to your blemishes, if any, and under your eyes before applying foundation.

So, to save you money and the effort of having to put it again, put on your foundation first. Another benefit is you don’t over-apply the concealer if you’ve already applied the foundation.

4. DO use colors that complement each other.


Your lipstick and blush should be the same shade within your look. If you choose a pink lipstick then apply a pinkish blush for consistency.

5. DO match your blush to your skin tone.

If you have fair skin, use blush in lighter shades like rose and pale pink. If you have medium to dark skin, choose plum, deep berry or mahogany shades for a more flattering look.

6. DO use brushes designed by professionals.

Some makeup kits come with preselected brushes. While they may be useful in the beginning, they don’t often last, especially if you use them regularly. Invest in top quality brushes so that you can say hello to more defined and beautiful makeup applications.

7. DO double check your look in a magnifying mirror.


Some women, especially those who wear glasses, may find it a challenge to see if the overall look is not the way it is supposed to be.

So, whether you wear specs or not, buy yourself a handy magnifying mirror so that you can see double check and correct anything that needs fixing on your overall look!

Makeup DON’Ts

1. DON’T forget about your eyebrows.

Well-groomed brows can help to define your eyes and improve your overall look. Make sure you maintain your eyebrows; if you think you can’t do it on your own, consult a professional who can help you to achieve the ideal shape. You’ll see that it’s worth it.

2. DON’T plump up those lips.


We all want full lips like Angelina Jolie’s so we use lip liner to make our lips appear fuller. This can be tricky and does not work for some. If in doubt, stick with lipstick, which is enough to pull off most looks. Or look for makeup-free, natural way to make your lips look bigger.

3. DON’T wear black eyeliner during the day.

Yes, you think you can rock black eyeliner at any time, but the truth is that it’s kind of harsh during the day. Opt for a brown eyeliner instead and save the black one for the next girls’ night out.

4. DON’T skip the lipstick.

You can forget about mascara and maybe eye shadow some days, but never forget to apply a pop of color to your lips. You may know it but lipstick is usually enough to polish your overall look. You just have to pick the color that works best for your outfit and skin type.

5. DON’T contour your face.

Who wouldn’t love chiseled-looking cheekbones? However, contouring your face can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re not naturally gifted at it. It can go all kinds of wrong and do you no good. This is something best left to makeup professionals.

6. DON’T wear glitter.


Glitter is fantastic—except when it’s makeup we’re talking about! It moves from one area of your face to another and never looks good.

7. DON’T sleep with your makeup on.

Yes, I know Kim Kardashian once said that she breaks this number one beauty rule because she wants to make sure Kanye West only sees her with makeup on, but this is an absolute no-no. Remove your makeup before you go to sleep so that your skin can breathe and rest while you do, too.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts about makeup, be sure to live by them to achieve the vibrant, healthy, younger looking skin you desire.

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