What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Believe it or not, your favourite color can reveal a lot about you – all your personality traits, and even your inner most secrets.

We all have a favorite color and whether that color stays the same for our entire lives or changes over time, it still says a lot about us and our personalities. By knowing what your favourite color means, you can better understand why and how you react to various situations, whether you’re creative or practical, what type of work you’re best suited for and even what other people may think about you.

So tell me, what’s your favorite color?

#1 Red

young red haired beautiful girl in poppy field

People with a fondness for the color red are optimists and tend to be relatively extroverted. They love to be physically active, enjoy the thrill of adventure and thrive when they are the centre of attention.

Red lovers are filled with passion and enthusiasm and as a result they’re ambitious and competitive. Determination is one of their strong points, especially due to their lack of patience, however they often have a short attention span.

#2 White

People who love the color white enjoy keeping their appearance and that of their homes neat and pristine. They’re extremely farsighted and find positivity in every situation. They have a very practical nature and use their sensible attitude to exercise caution in their endeavours.

While they sometimes appear to be shy, confidence is one of their key personality traits which helps them support their strong beliefs.

#3 Green

People who favor the color green tend to be very practical and down-to-Earth. They have a great need to love and be loved and as a result they’re incredibly kind, generous and compassionate. They aren’t afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve, something which attracts people to them.

High moral standards are important to them and is a trait they seek in their close friends too. Risk taking is not their strong point as they like to live comfortably and worry free.

Crossing a green-lover in an argument is never advised as they’re not the sort of person who will concede defeat easily.

#4 Blue

Woman in blue dress swinging at tropical beach

People who favor the color blue tend to be extremely reliable and trustworthy. They’re not impulsive people and always think before they speak. Time is their ally and they always do things at their own pace and will not be forced to go any quicker. Empathy is one of their great traits which attracts them a great deal of friends, however they prefer just to have a close group of people around them.

Generally they are even tempered and it takes a lot to make them break their composure. They have a conservative side and like to stick to things that are familiar to them, a trait which sometimes makes them stubborn.

#5 Purple

Purple-lovers are very charismatic people who are extremely compassionate and understanding. They’re extremely positive which inspires others and even when faced with a bleak reality they remain optimistic. Responsibility is not something they enjoy however they deal well with adversity and can problem solve easily.

Purple-lovers often have their own style and dislike being part of the crowd, they’d far sooner walk their own path and be who they truly are.

#6 Black

Independent, determined, and strong-willed are three words which best suit people who favor the color black.

In terms of work, these people are extremely methodical and like to make sure that everything is completed as it should be down to the last detail.

While they may often feel insecure they will never show this face to the world and will instead come across as dignified and in-control. As a result these people will keep others at a distance so they don’t risk showing weakness.

#7 Pink

Smiling hiker girl walking in country path

People who are fond of the color pink are kind and generous souls. They’re friendly, approachable, and have a warmth about them which draws others towards them. They are naturally very maternal and have a need to take care of others. Organisation is important to pink-lovers and they enjoy being in control.

People often see pink-lovers as shy as they can be very reserved and calm, however this is rarely the case.

#8 Yellow

Yellow-lovers are generally cheerful and bubbling with happiness. They’re creative, like to live with their head in the clouds, and are fiercely independent.

While they like to be methodical and analyse every situation, anxiety can often cause them to be impulsive too. Networking is one of these people’s strong points however they tend to keep only a small circle of close friends.

In general, yellow-lovers are kind and welcoming however if crossed they can become sharp-tongued and aren’t afraid to have their voice heard.


Mine are Red and White, What is yours?


Have a lovely weekend.

How to Wear Makeup With Glasses: 10 Beauty Tricks

Are you still hiding away beneath your specs? It’s time to learn how to wear makeup with glasses and stop hiding your gorgeous eyes! Look fab with our 10 makeup tricks.

For girls with glasses, it can be super tempting to just throw on your specs and head out the door. After all, who’s going to notice the makeup behind those glasses, right? Wrong! Think of your eyes as portraits and your glasses as the frames – if you’re going to draw attention to your canvas, you’ve got to make it shine. Today, we’re going to learn how to wear makeup with glasses. Here are 10 awesome tips and tricks to achieve the best look!

#1 Balance Thick Frames With Bold Lipstick


A key rule of any great makeup look is balance. So, if you’re a fan of thick, statement frames, keep your eyeshadow neutral and balance out your glamorous glasses with a splash of equally bold lipstick. This will help you to avoid a ‘top heavy’ effect on your face. Elegant corals and punchy pink lipsticks are perfect for sweet, spring afternoons, but you can’t go wrong with a traditional red lip for the evening.

#2 Use Mascara With A Dry Or Waterproof Formula

Learning how to wear makeup with glasses doesn’t necessarily mean changing your whole makeup routine. Sometimes, a little tweak is all you need to achieve the best makeup for glasses with minimal effort. If you have trouble with your lashes sticking to your glasses, just swap your regular mascara for a waterproof, water-resistant or dry formula and you’ll notice an instant improvement.

#3 Curl Your Lashes


Still having trouble with unruly eye makeup and glasses? Another great way to keep your disobedient lashes from sticking to your specs is to curl them. On bare lashes, this will open up your eyes and make them appear larger. For girls wearing mascara, curling your lashes will help them point away from your lenses.

#4 Don’t Skimp On The Concealer

Glasses really draw attention to your eye area and that’s exactly what we want. However, your glasses can also attract unnecessary attention to any redness, dark circles and fine lines under the eyes. The best way to combat this is to invest in a good quality concealer. Choose a light-weight, creamy and full-coverage formula for best results. Remember, concealers with pink salmon undertones are best for cancelling out blue/purple dark circles.

#5 Groom Your Brows


The best makeup for glasses is all about highlighting the brows. Your eyebrows frame your face, so it’s important to make sure they don’t get lost behind your glasses! Keep your brows trimmed and well groomed for a polished look and don’t be afraid to emphasize their definition with a brow pencil.

#6 Color Within The Lines

When applying eye makeup for glasses, the golden rule is to color within the lines. This means that you should avoid applying eyeshadow outside the boundaries of your frames as this can create a messy and discordant effect.

#7 Blot Your Foundation

If you constantly find your foundation coming off on your glasses, you’re not alone. The best way to combat this irritating little mishap is to gently run a damp makeup sponge over the bridge of your nose and along your upper cheeks. This will remove excess product. Finish by dusting setting powder over the area before sliding your glasses back into place.

#8 Coordinate Your Eyeliner With Your Frames


We all know how important it is to keep our outfits from clashing. Think of your glasses as just another important accessory. If you’ve got black frames, you can go wild and sport anything from midnight to turquoise eyeliner. Got brown frames? Complement them with an onyx hue. For a softer look that’ll particularly flatter, opt for a dark brown eyeliner instead of black.

#9 Choose Neutral Eyeshadow Shades

Makeup that’s too dark or applied with a heavy hand can look seriously OTT behind specs. If your glasses magnify your eyes, dark makeup can easily overwhelm them and create a racoon-like effect. Conversely, if your glasses make your eyes look smaller, dark makeup is only going to minimise them further. For universally flattering makeup with glasses, select neutral eyeshadow colors that will brighten up the eyes, like champagne or rose gold. If you’re really craving a pop of color, stick to a lick of colored eyeliner.

#10 Rock Cat Eye Eyeliner


Glasses can blur the shape of your eyes. Get some intense definition back with a sexy cat eye makeup. Keep in mind: the thicker your frames are, the bolder you can afford to be with your lines. Experiment with different styles and thicknesses until you’ve achieved a shape that works in harmony with your frames.

Don’t let your specs put you off your makeup game, ladies. With these 10 makeup awesome tips and tricks for girls with glasses, you’re ready to really make those eyes shine!

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