10 Fabulous Hairstyles for Curly Haired Women

Your curly hair is a blessing, not a curse, so discover the secrets to style it in the most stylish way and make all your friends jealous of your fabulous curls!


If you have been blessed with fabulous curly hair, then you are one of the lucky women who are able to rock the best hairstyles ever. Many women don’t embrace their curly hair and they always try to straighten them and wax them and consequently totally ruin them.

You have to stop thinking that your hair is your curse, and see it as your blessing and probably one of your best assets!

It is true, sometimes curly hair can be really rebellious and there are days that your instinct tells you to get a pair of scissors and just cut it off, but the secret lies in learning how to style it in the correct way. Women with curly hair can definitely sport any style they want, from buns to ponytails, updos to loose hair.

Of course also the cut you give can have a great influence, even on the shape of your curls. So choosing the right hair cut is as fundamental as trying to style it!

Here is a selection of the 10 best hairstyles, worn by both celebrities and common women, that will show you and teach you that you are very lucky to have natural curls and that will make all your friends jealous of you!

1. Curly updo


The easiest way to do an updo is if you have curly hair! All you need to do is to take your lovely curls and pin them one by one at the back of your head, leaving some of them loose to create a messy effect.

You can then apply some hairspray just to ensure that everything stays where it is meant to stay and you will have a red-carpet worthy look!

2. Long waves


Leave your hair grow long and this will have a shaping effect on your curls. In fact, the weight of the hair will make them look more wavy rather than curly, giving you a romantic and soft touch.

Perfect for the woman who doesn’t like to have too much volume in her hair.

3. Pump it up!


On the other hand, a great idea is actually to play with the volume of your curly hair and pump it up even more. Pin it back on the top of your head and blow-dry it so it will come out very wild and sensual.

4. Braids, braids, braids


An easy and quick way of keeping your hair away from your face in the summer. Braid your hair in one simple side-braid for a great look for running your errands in the city or lounging on the beach.

5. Keep it wild!


You love big hair but you hate it when it keeps going onto your face!? Pull it back with pins or a hairband and then leave it wild at the back!

6. Wedding look


This elegant updo is a great look for your wedding! On the most beautiful day of your life it is especially important to not straighten your hair but keep the natural curls to create a sweet and sophisticated updo, with flowers in it and some romantic locks falling down “casually”.

7. Crazy bob


Short hair will have the exact opposite effect of long hair in shaping your curls, that is it will make it more curly and bulky. Go for a very short bob to get the maximum volume.

If you do not have the courage to cut your hair that much, you can try with a faux bob, by doing a very low bun with the longer hair and leave it very close to your nape, hiding it with the shorter hair.

A great idea for the summer.

8. Sweet and romantic


Braid or twist 2 strands of hair from the front and tie them at the back or the side of your head. Then leave the rest of the hair hanging loose in soft waves. A very romantic look!

9. Soft bun


We have already seen how curly hair simply look amazing when styled in an updo and here is another example.

You can style your hair in a soft, low bun by simply pulling it back into a ponytail and, on the last loop, don’t pull it out completely. Then spread out the hair around the hair tie to create a circle.

The perfect look for the evening!

10. Ponytail


Last but not least, a high ponytail is another fab and simple solution for your curly hair. Keep the ponytail very high, so the hair will hang down look at the back of your head, and then cover the hair tie with a lock, so get a more polished look. Simple and effective!

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