Smoky Eye Tutorial for Blue Eyes

So, you’re hitting the clubs this weekend? And you want to dazzle everybody who’s present. Well, with a great smoky eye and the lovely shade of blue in your eyes, it dazzling will be a piece of cake. Here are 5 tips how to raise smoke when you enter a room just by doing a great smoky eye.

1st Tip

beautiful stylish blonde girl with trendy make-up

What most girls are wrong about when they have blue eyes is the colour of the shade they should use. The contrast to blue is not black – it’s actually brown. Black mascara and black eye shadow will only make you look trampy or, best case scenario, like an emo kid. And no one likes emo kids.

You will need eye shadow and a kohl pencil or, for the drama effect, an eye liner. Of course, mascara is a must.

2nd Tip

Hide the traces of sleepless nights. Use concealer to hide your under eye bags. Of course, you need to do your eyebrows. If they are to thin, apply some eye brow pencil. The better your eyebrows look, the better the final outcome of your make-up routine. Eyebrow have a huge influence on how you look.

3rd Tip

Draw the contour of your eyes with your kohl pencil. Just draw around the outer angles for the right effect, because if you draw the entire eye it will only make your eyes look smaller. And no one wants that. If you’re going for liquid eyeliner, make sure your hands are still and not shaky. The rest is the same as for the kohl pencil.

4th Tip

Light blue and silver eye shadows

Apply some eye shadow around the corners of your eyes – there’s no need to use a brush. You can just smudge it on with your fingers. Fingers really are the best make up tool ever made! Put the eye shadow over the eye pencil.

5th Tip

Of course, all this would be useless without mascara. Apply a good, thick layer of mascara right after doing all of the above.

Honey, you are now set to go out! Now, when you go out and see all those suitors – don’t rub your eyes, Cinderella!!! It’s all for real and it’s not because of your smoky eyes or your amazing lips.

Sure, the eyes and the make-up may have helped – they always do help a ‘bit. But it’s all how they help – they give you the confidence to shine your true inner beauty that you have. Everybody can do a smoky eye – it’s easy.

But it’s the ability to see the world and its best view, with or without the smoke, that will make you the greatest beauty of them all, the belle of this ball we call life.


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