Homemade Ginger Oil




▪ 1 cup olive oil

▪ 1 Tbsp grated ginger


1. Heat oil over medium heat , once hot add ginger to it and heat until ginger is brown and water is completely drained.

2. Strain , let cool and store in a bottle for daily use.


1. Use your dairly cooking

2. Apply ginger oil on scalp leave for five minutes then wash off with clean water to cure dandraff . Use this twice a week dandraff will be cured in 1 month.

Ginger oil is very strong so don’t keep on skin for more than the time given above or it will irritate the skin.

3. Massage 2 drops of ginger oil on ur stomach to aid digestion and also relief pain during manstrual period.

4. Put 2 drops in glass of water and drink to treat upset stomach

5. Put a drop of oil in ur palm and inhale to stop nausea.

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