4 thoughts on “Military 3 days diet (AHA 3 days diet)

  1. I think it’s worth a try- my favorite diet if I want to lose a few pounds is the Eileen Ford Model Agency Diet- it is similar- every single day eat for breakfast- one slice of whole wheat toast plain- one egg- preferably boiled and half a grapefruit/ for lunch – mixed salad with lemon juice for dressing and 4-5 oz of lean meat- 5 saltine crackers/ supper- mixed salad with lemon juice or a steamed green vegetable with lemon juice, 4-5 oz lean meat and one plain baked potato. Surprisingly it is an easy diet to follow- one day per week you may have a dessert- all the plain tea, coffee or diet drink you want- and of course all the water you can drink as well- was followed by the models for many years…diet colas are probably not included these days but they did take the edge off…love your blog!


    1. Awww thank you. Lemmi try this one and i’ll post the results. I have weight issues. Since am an emotional eater, I eat a lot when am stressed. And I have had a couple of rough years, now am trying to put myself together.
      Anyways, thank you.

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      1. You can do it! One of my daughters finally found a sport she loves! In her 30s she became a runner, would do 10 k then on up to marathons! Emotional eater etc…now won’t miss a day without running…she lost over 80 lbs…large frame never looked her weight etc you can do it! I’ll check in from time to time


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