How To Pick The Perfect Nude Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Finding the perfect nude lipstick is usually high on the bucket list of every beauty junkie. Here are some foolproof ways to cross it off yours!

Nudes can be especially tricky because a nude to one person is not a nude to another. Be it preference or skin tone, finding that perfect nude shade is a very personal thing. Nudes can be anything from pink to peach to brown—it all depends on what you hope to get from your lipstick.

Fair Skin


If you have a very fair skin tone, burn easily and maybe even have some freckles, the goal of a nude lipstick is to find something that doesn’t wash you out.

Peachy: MAC’s Freckletone is a luster finish that is described by MAC as a ‘neutral peach.’ The finish is glossy, therefore making it comfortable to wear. Although it is neutral, the peach undertone will make a great contrast to your skin.

Pinky: Maybelline’s Color Whisper Petal Rebel is the perfect purse lipstick. It is quite sheer, so you can easily grab for it without worrying about a messy application. It will give your lips a hint of pink and make them look nice and juicy because of it’s glossy finish.

True Nude: Kate Moss released a great collection of lipsticks with Rimmel, including a nude line. Number 40 is a true nude that is not for the faint of heart. This is a ‘nude nude,’ but if you are wearing a really bold eye, this is a great way to show it off even more.

Light Skin


If your skin is light but not fair,your goal is to find something that will look polished yet not chalky.

Peachy: MAC’s Peachstock is described as a warm-toned peach beige. If you have a warm skin tone, this is going to make you glow! It has a satin finish, so although it is light in color, it will not look dry on your lips.

Pinky: Okay, this is a pricey one, but Tom Ford’s Pink Dusk is the only lipstick you will need! The shade is perfect. Worth it? This line of lipsticks also has numerous oils and moisturizing ingredients.

True Nude: To offset the price of the above, this next one is affordable and amazing! Wet ‘n Wild’s Megalast Lipstick in Bare it All. This is my go-to lipstick line when friends ask me for drugstore suggestions. The color is nude enough to complement your skin, but not so much that it will blend in.

Medium/Tan Skin


Having a medium/tan skin tone can make it hard to find something that doesn’t look to pale and ashy on your lips. When your skin tone leans to the deeper tones, a lot of nude shades can end up too pale.

Peachy: MAC’s Kinda Sexy is a good choice. Apparently MAC does peachy well because it is my top pick for all the peach categories so far! I’ve been searching for so long to find a nude-peach that I can wear without a lip liner and this is it. It also makes me feel like I have JLO glow with it’s warm peachy undertone.

Pinky: LA Girl’s Flat Matte Velvet Lipstick in Snuggle is a beautiful pinky nude that leans slightly mauve. The formula on this is fabulous; it has little to no shine, glides on and has great lasting power! I also love that the tube indicates the color inside—all beauty junkies can relate to that ease of use.

True Nude: Maybelline’s The Buffs Lipstick in Truffle Tease really impressed me. In fact, I was so impressed when this collection came out because it really covered nudes for all skin tones. This has just enough of a brown-beige hue without it looking like concealer on your lips.

Deep Skin


When you have a very deep skin tone, you may need to think out of the box when it comes to nudes. Some lines do a great job covering all of their bases, but it is important to keep in mind that you will sometimes have to look through the whole line to find a nude for you, not just those first couple of light shades.

Peachy: L’Oreal’s Privee Collection in Eva’s Nude is a good starting point. Although Eva Longoria’s line does not have a deep skin tone, it has enough deepness and peach tones to be wearable. A lip liner may be required depending on the deepness of your skin.

Pinky: MAC’s Twig is a super and trendy rosy brown. Although it is on trend, I don’t think this shade will go out of style or become unwearable any time soon. Rosy browns have technically been around for ever, but a certain girl from a certain famous family just brought it into the spotlight.

True Nude: Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Molasses is a top choice. First of all, Bite Beauty uses all food grade ingredients. Described as a ‘rich toffee, it is exactly that with a great cream finish. With the brown undertones, I think this is a fun take on a classic nude.

The Power of the Lip Liner


Lip liner changed my nude lip game. This can be said for any skin tone, any undertone and any lips. Lip liners can make completely unwearable lip colors wearable and even more beautiful.

Choosing a lip liner that is two or three shades deeper than you lip color will add a definition to your lips that will help the nude lip liner not to look too pale or unnatural on your lips.

Draw around your lip line, and then also the inner corners of your lips moving inward. When applying the nude lip color, start from the middle and work out. It is seriously lip magic.

My last piece of advice is a little clichéd. There are no rules! If you are fair and want to wear a nude from the deep skin section go for it, and vice versa. I encourage it. This is just general guide to get you thinking about what you personally want to rock on your lips. Comment below with your favorite nude lip!


credit: youqueen

The Pros And Cons Of Wearing No Makeup

As simple as it sounds, wearing no makeup has both pros and cons. Do you like going makeup free? Read on to find out if it is the right choice for you.

Despite society having made makeup so easily accessible and desired, there are still many pros to not wearing makeup—and many cons.

The pros of an almost makeup free life:

Your skin will thank you!


If you don’t wear makeup, your pores will not be clogged from all the toxins and chemicals that are in makeup. Despite makeup technically being labeled safe through testing, it does still have chemicals that can be harmful and even carcinogenic. This means that by not wearing makeup, your pores will remain open and unclogged, and your skin and body will not absorb these chemicals.

In addition, your skin will have less acne and will be less prone to getting acne if you don’t wear makeup. This is due to your pores not having the opportunity to absorb or get clogged up from the makeup. Ironically, many women wear foundation and other types of makeup to cover up acne, but this creates a vicious cycle that only creates more acne or irritates existing acne more.

It’s a confidence booster

Beautiful Smiling Girl Portrait In Autumn Park

As much as women think makeup makes them more beautiful and desirable, this isn’t really the case. In fact, by not wearing makeup, you will learn to love the ‘flaws’ you hide with makeup. When you think about it, makeup is like a mask: it’s something we use to hide, fix or cover up what we think needs to be hidden or tweaked. However, you should be confident and love the way you look without altering it.

“I feel prettier with makeup,” or “Makeup makes me beautiful” should become a thought of the past. You won’t need to say this because you’ll become much more confident and will realize you feel prettier without makeup. Don’t hide who you are and what you look like. Love yourself. However, if makeup helps to make you feel more confident, then go for it—just know that you are beautiful regardless.

At first, not wearing makeup may seem daunting, and even seem as if you are exposed, but gradually it will get easier. By not wearing makeup, you will realize that you don’t need to fix your face and that you don’t need makeup, and slowly but surely, you will become more confident in the way you look. In fact, when you get a compliment you will feel so much better about it because it will be a compliment about your natural beauty!

Not wearing makeup has numerous pros: it will save you a lot of time and money, and it will allow you to cry without making a mess everywhere. You can also cuddle up and kiss your man without leaving any traces of makeup. However, not wearing makeup often also has its cons.

The cons of an almost makeup free life:

You are clueless

Young woman shopping in a beauty shop

When it comes to the world of makeup, there is a lot more to it than most people think. There are different brushes for different tasks, different methods, designs and styles of makeup, and then different types of every product. It is a very confusing thing—especially if you only wear makeup occasionally. If that’s the case, you feel completely clueless and don’t know what to use things for and what to do.

You make a mess

You not only don’t know how to use it and apply it, but you also make a mess of your face and the makeup itself. By being a newbie to makeup, the results range from smudged and mucky to clumpy and more, which then becomes a mission to remove. Similarly, those of us who seldom wear makeup will often make a mess of the makeup itself due to our lack of experience using the various products.

It’s foreign

Mascara smudged on the eyelid

Since you don’t wear makeup often enough, you often feel like it’s too heavy and in a way even suffocating your skin, which really is lousy because wearing makeup occasionally is actually fun.

You also tend to forget that you are wearing it and run the risk of smudging your makeup by touching your face, which is not as much fun. Another negative is that it’s not only foreign for you but for the people around you who seldom see you with makeup; no matter how little makeup you wear, they’ll think it’s too much since they never see you with any makeup at all.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: some people want to wear makeup all the time because it makes them feel good about themselves while others don’t, which offers its perks and negatives. In the end, wearing makeup is a personal preference, and for me, wearing makeup rarely is the way to go despite the cons, which do cause the occasional issue. Feel free to share your thoughts on the pros and cons of not wearing makeup!