Summer is here and you surely have a water-bound trip booked already. We’ve rounded up the must-have beach essentials so that you can make the most of the sea, sand, and sun.

Beaches have always been popular tourist destinations, and for a good reason. Who can say no to the beauty of the crystal clear waters and white sand.

Now that the summer is here, you’ve probably already booked a beach getaway. To make sure that you’re pampered and polished during your vacay, we’ve made the ultimate list of beauty essentials you should definitely pack in you suitcase.

1. Sunscreen

As you already know, you can’t afford to flaunt what you’ve got under the sun without some protection. Thus, you must never forget to bring sunscreen with you (choose a formula that isn’t sticky). Put on a generous amount from head to toe to make sure you’re protected against the harmful rays of the sun. Reapply regularly!

2. Lip balm

Your lips will surely dry while you’re lying in the sun. Prevent this from happening by carrying a lip balm with SPF.

3. Umbrella or hat

You won’t only beat the heat while carrying a dainty umbrella or while wearing a show-stopping hat. You’ll also leave everyone impressed with your style and taste.

4. Sunglasses

You’ll want to protect the windows to your soul while roaming around the heavenly island. The advantage is that you’ll get the chance to eye some guys without them knowing!

5. Pashmina or cardigan

You know how much it gets cold during the night, especially if you’re still sitting on the beach. Bring a fashionable pashmina or a light cardigan to use as a cover up.

5. Bottle of water

Because you can’t afford to be dehydrated, always have your favorite mug or a tumbler cup with you.

6. Toiletries

Pack tissues and portable hand wipes because you’ll need them both day and night. You know how surprises can occur at the time you least expect them so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

7. Hair conditioner

The beach and the sun can cause damage to your locks. Don’t forget to cover your hair with a conditioner from the root to the tip each time you wash it to ensure it’s protected.

8. Makeup kit

Yes, not all of us can be comfortable with showing our bare face to the world (or at least to other vacationers on the same beach). So if you’re one of many who can’t afford to be seen without makeup, pack your makeup kit. Just be sure to stick to these essentials: waterproof mascara, light foundation, and a multiple stick/highlighter, and lip gloss. You’ll be perfect!

9. Self-tanner

This is not really a must-have if you’re happy with your complexion. On the other side, if you feel more confident with sun-kissed skin, bring this in your tote as well.

10. Swimsuits

Depending on how long your vacation is, you may need to pack more than a pair. Find those that can provide your bust the right support and those that complement your complexion perfectly. If you aren’t ready to bare too much skin, opt for rash guards. Either way, you’ll look perfect as long as you feel confident and beautiful.

11. Sundresses

Pack one floral and one solid colored sundress just to be sure. Add some statement jewelry and you’ll be ready to rock any night party by the beach.

12. White shorts

If you feel like showing off some legs, white shorts would be a perfect choice. Not only will it be easy to mix and match with any top you’ve packed, it will also look fashionable either during the day or night.

13. Statement jewelry

There’s nothing that can make your look go from simple to stunning than statement jewelry. Choose one that is a great match to all the clothing you packed.

14. Running shoes

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean that you should skip your sweat sessions. You can always work out by running by the beautiful coastline.

15. Oversized tote

This way, you don’t have to worry about leaving anything in your hotel room. You get to carry your must-haves everywhere you go and you’re ready for whatever emergency that may come your way.


The following are not considered beauty essentials, obviously, but they’ll save you the stress and hassle. Trust us on this!

· High-resolution camera
· Universal charger
· Flashlights and some batteries
· Reading materials
· Prescription medicines
· Extra underwear
· Mesh bag for the laundry

So what are you waiting for? Double check what you’ve packed and make sure all items listed here are with you before you take off. They may not guarantee the best beach getaway ever, but at least they’ll help you to have fun while being safe and ready for any of life’s surprises while you’re away from the comfort of your home.

What other beauty products do you think you should bring to your upcoming tropical vacation? Share your thoughts in the comments.

By: youqueen

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