Vanessa Mdee drops a new song and it’s a hit

While we are waiting for Vanessa Mdee to drop her Ep, here a teaser. She released Moyo today, #1 single on her Ep. Its different from what we are used to hear from her and I love it. And let me tell y’all, it already on the replay.

The song goes like;

🎵 moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea nakaa na wewe natembea na wewe nalala na wewe bado unanikosea, zungumza na mimi mchana lalalaaa, zungumza na mimi usiku lalalaaa, na kama haifai hata ndotoni tu mhh, sishindane na kichwa, tumalizane yakaisha, moyo nirudishe maisha, tuputupu nimekwisha. Moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea moyo🎵

Go to YouTube and listen to the whole song

Song of the week: Feel Me by Sophia Secret

Song of the week is: Feel Me by Sophia Secret ft. Mee Brown.


On the 10th of june she released her first song Feel Me featuring Mee Brown, a Tanzania singer. Sophia is an up-and-coming artist from the Netherlands, she was a vlogger back in the days and now has decided to join the music industry. Sophia is one of the rising to watch for, she has something that I cant quite find the right words to describe her,  she is among the gifted, her style of lyrics and voice control for an up-and coming artist its impressive.


The song and video are amaizing, but we do have a few tips for the future use. As an upcoming artist you have to work dubble hard in just about every aspect of the business if you want to go anywhere and actually begin to meet those who can help you step up your game. Be professional, patient, humble, creative and on the grind. Add a few skills to bring to the table instead of just singing, any skill you have to offer will help you connect and build your game further. Dont just put your music online or tell all your friends to check it out, because that doesn’t mean everyone will.

Just like Nipsey Hussle said ” The game is gonna test you, never fold. Stay 10-toes down. It’s not on you, it’s in you and what’s in you, they can’t take away.” (may he keep resting in peace). You gotta work hard if you want to be heard, hit up every open mic you find and introduce yourself to everyone. We are looking forward to more songs from you.

And here is the clip. Enjoy & feel free to leave feedbacks in the comment.

The video was shoot in Tanzania, produced by Yogobeats and directed by Travellah.


Ginger garlic paste

People who know me, they know that I looooooove using garlic. I’am one of those who put 10 cloves when the recipe says 2 😌. I always make my own paste, so I decided to share it with you guys. I hope you will like it, enjoy🤗

I used what I had, you can dubble if you want.

* Garlic

* Ginger

* Oil

* Water


* Peel the garlic & ginger. Wash them.


Pour 200ml oil in a blender. I used handmix. Add ginger and water. Blend this well.

Pour the ginger paste in a bowl.

* Pour 300ml oil in the blender and add garlic. Blend this well, if the mix is too thick add a little oil in it.

Once the garlic is blended nice, mix it with the ginger paste and blend it together.

* Your ginger garlic paste is now ready.

* Pour them in food containers and add oil (keeps it fresh). Store them in your fridge. (Always use a clean spoon +  stir the mix before using)