Ginger garlic paste

People who know me, they know that I looooooove using garlic. I’am one of those who put 10 cloves when the recipe says 2 😌. I always make my own paste, so I decided to share it with you guys. I hope you will like it, enjoy🤗

I used what I had, you can dubble if you want.

* Garlic

* Ginger

* Oil

* Water


* Peel the garlic & ginger. Wash them.


Pour 200ml oil in a blender. I used handmix. Add ginger and water. Blend this well.

Pour the ginger paste in a bowl.

* Pour 300ml oil in the blender and add garlic. Blend this well, if the mix is too thick add a little oil in it.

Once the garlic is blended nice, mix it with the ginger paste and blend it together.

* Your ginger garlic paste is now ready.

* Pour them in food containers and add oil (keeps it fresh). Store them in your fridge. (Always use a clean spoon +  stir the mix before using)

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