Vera Sidika is “dark” again

Yes you read that right. The queen of skin bleaching is dark again.

This is how she used to look like before she bleached her skin.

I dont know if it is the insecurity that made her bleached her skin in the first place or the crazy saying: white = beautiful.

And this is after she bleached her skin

Vera posted a photo of her “new self” saying;

” Never be defined by your past. was just a lesson, not a life sentence. Feels good to be back, black dont crack. #BackToBlack #MissedMyMelanin #StillBeautiful #BlackBarbie “

Fans are not having it, some are saying that the only reason why she is dark again is because she wants to have kids and others are still thinking that it is fake, that it is photoshop.

This is her new look.

Vera has always been open about bleaching, 2 or 3yrs back she revealed that she spent alot of money to bleach her skin from dark to light.

She posted a video of her dancing, it’s obviously that she is not comfortable in her skin, yet.

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