Vera Sidika is “dark” again

Yes you read that right. The queen of skin bleaching is dark again.

This is how she used to look like before she bleached her skin.

I dont know if it is the insecurity that made her bleached her skin in the first place or the crazy saying: white = beautiful.

And this is after she bleached her skin

Vera posted a photo of her “new self” saying;

” Never be defined by your past. was just a lesson, not a life sentence. Feels good to be back, black dont crack. #BackToBlack #MissedMyMelanin #StillBeautiful #BlackBarbie “

Fans are not having it, some are saying that the only reason why she is dark again is because she wants to have kids and others are still thinking that it is fake, that it is photoshop.

This is her new look.

Vera has always been open about bleaching, 2 or 3yrs back she revealed that she spent alot of money to bleach her skin from dark to light.

She posted a video of her dancing, it’s obviously that she is not comfortable in her skin, yet.

Congratulations Diamond & Tanasha

It’s a BOY πŸ‘ΆπŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠ. Congratulations to diamond platnumz & his girlfriend Tanasha. On the birthday party, diamond announced that Tanasha is 7months pregnant and that they are having a baby boy, I guess this was the surprise he was taking about (the gender reveal) Everybody thought that he is finally going to bend the knee and propose to her, jokes on us.

Diamond already has 3 kids, 2 with Zari and 1 with Hamisa. He later took it on his IG and asked his followers to help him choose a baby name.

Diamond and Tanasha have been together for 8months now. You do the maths πŸ˜‰

707 The Great Gatsby Party Review

I wrote that I was gonna be a fashion police for a night and boy, what a fun was that. First things first, I aint a fashion designer or fashion guru, so my review might be different compaired to yours, but lets have fun πŸ™‚

The theme was The Great Gatsby, if you have seen the movie then you know that its aint a great gatsby party without feathers, pearls, flapper dresses, champagne towers and glamorous settings.

Flapper dresses, feathers, headbands and pearls

Do y’all remember when Kris Jenner threw a party with the same theme?

Kris Jenner’s Great Gatsby themed party

Now lets talk about the Tanasha and mama Dangote’s great gatsby themed party. Am gonna start with the ones who wore best.

  1. Jihan Dimack



And wigs were snached.

2. Irene Paul

Ladies and gentlemen this is how you dress to a great gatsby themed party. She didnt stick to the code (black,gold & white) & thats why she is on #2, but she nailed the theme.

3. Darleen


For the 1st time she wore something beautiful and looked good in it. Please stick with the designer who dressed you this time. And about the shoes, lets pretend we didnt see that πŸ˜‰

4. Sara

She doesnt dissappoint

5. Wolper

I love wolper because she knows how to dress. She knows what looks good on her.

6. Unkown

I dont know her name, but she looked good , her man though, his suit seems a little bit big for him.

8. Unknown

I dont know her name, but if only she could have done something with her hair would have been perfect.

For the gentlemen it was simple, suit & tie and Diamond Platnumz is the winner

Yes I pulled a Diddy on Tanasha, but I couldnt find a picture of Diamond alone so I had to cut her out.. oepss.

Some took the word simple waaaaaay toooooooooo simple, I mean how on earth are gonna show up at somebody’s party looking like this?

I dont care how good we know each other, but you aint coming to my party dressing like this. The fact that the security let him in, it still bugs me.

Lets continue with the ones who didnt stick with the theme. Am talking about dresses with trains, ball dresses & Multi colours & these are just a few.

  1. Lady J dee

    Atleast she got the dresscode right, she wore gold. But girl, whats that? Its like someone text her: “girl there is a party am going, be ready in 5min I’ll pick you up.” and she thought free food? say no more #smh

    2. Tanasha & Mama Dangote

It breaks my heart to see the people who came up with the theme dont know how to back it up. I mean for the love of God it is your birthday, your party, how on earth are you gonna show up wearing a cinderella dress? Telling people to stick on the dresscode or they wont allowed in and you the birthday girls show up wearing a red cinderella dress. Does that even make sense? The MUA who did mama dangote’s make-up needs to be sued.Β 

3. Esma

The dresscode was black, gold or white and she showed up with a blue dress smh

4. Irene Uwoya


It’s a beautiful dress, but not for a great gatsby themed party

6. Harmonize

Showed up in orange blazer and that hair colour is just horrible.

7. RC Makonda

Yep, he went full denim

8. Aunt Ezekiel

She had the gloves, fur and feathers… except the dress. That aint a great gatsby themed party dress

9. Unknown

the dress is a no

10. Diamond’s dad

We all know that they weren’t on speaking terms, but diamond could atleast try to buy him a suit, it doesnt have to be a custom fit

I dont know who did their make-up, but they need to sue them

Anyway that was it, I hope you had fun watching the party, cause I did. Feel free to comment.







foto credit goes to wasafi & unkown.



The Great Gatsby 707

And the big day is here. What is The Great Gatsby 707? Well for those Who dont know diamond platnumz’s mom & his girlfriend are both born on the same day & month, 7th of july. So, diamond being a “loving humble” son + boyfriend is throwning them a big birthday party and the theme is ” The Great Gatsby” .

It has been “the talk” of the week on IG and am curious about it. And you know what they say; curiosity killed the cat, well this cat is ready.

I’ll be your fashion police for the day πŸ˜‰

The venue is Mlimani City and it’s an invitations only kinda party. Lets not forget about the dresscode, if you had your “kitenge dress” ready, you better put it back in the closet, cause diamond made it very clear anyone who shows up with a different colour wont be allowed entrance.

So my darlings, if somebody ever told you that you look good in red or yellow or green, you might reconsider that, cause the dresscode is black, white and gold.

Some of us didnt get the invitation, dont worry at all. There is an after party, the entree is not free though.

Happy Birthday to Tanasha Donna & Mama Dangote. Wishing you’all a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy. πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠ

Vanessa Mdee drops a new song and it’s a hit

While we are waiting for Vanessa Mdee to drop her Ep, here a teaser. She released Moyo today, #1 single on her Ep. Its different from what we are used to hear from her and I love it. And let me tell y’all, it already on the replay.

The song goes like;

🎡 moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea nakaa na wewe natembea na wewe nalala na wewe bado unanikosea, zungumza na mimi mchana lalalaaa, zungumza na mimi usiku lalalaaa, na kama haifai hata ndotoni tu mhh, sishindane na kichwa, tumalizane yakaisha, moyo nirudishe maisha, tuputupu nimekwisha. Moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea moyo🎡

Go to YouTube and listen to the whole song

Song of the week: Feel Me by Sophia Secret

Song of the week is: Feel Me by Sophia Secret ft. Mee Brown.


On the 10th of june she released her first song Feel Me featuring Mee Brown, a Tanzania singer. Sophia is an up-and-coming artist from the Netherlands, she was a vlogger back in the days and now has decided to join the music industry. Sophia is one of the rising to watch for, she has something that I cant quite find the right words to describe her,Β  she is among the gifted, her style of lyrics and voice control for an up-and coming artist its impressive.


The song and video are amaizing, but we do have a few tips for the future use. As an upcoming artist you have to work dubble hard in just about every aspect of the business if you want to go anywhere and actually begin to meet those who can help you step up your game. Be professional, patient, humble, creative and on the grind. Add a few skills to bring to the table instead of just singing, any skill you have to offer will help you connect and build your game further. Dont just put your music online or tell all your friends to check it out, because that doesn’t mean everyone will.

Just like Nipsey Hussle said ” The game is gonna test you, never fold. Stay 10-toes down. It’s not on you, it’s in you and what’s in you, they can’t take away.” (may he keep resting in peace). You gotta work hard if you want to be heard, hit up every open mic you find and introduce yourself to everyone. We are looking forward to more songs from you.

And here is the clip. Enjoy & feel free to leave feedbacks in the comment.

The video was shoot in Tanzania, produced by Yogobeats and directed by Travellah.