How To Pick The Perfect Nude Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Finding the perfect nude lipstick is usually high on the bucket list of every beauty junkie. Here are some foolproof ways to cross it off yours!

Nudes can be especially tricky because a nude to one person is not a nude to another. Be it preference or skin tone, finding that perfect nude shade is a very personal thing. Nudes can be anything from pink to peach to brown—it all depends on what you hope to get from your lipstick.

Fair Skin


If you have a very fair skin tone, burn easily and maybe even have some freckles, the goal of a nude lipstick is to find something that doesn’t wash you out.

Peachy: MAC’s Freckletone is a luster finish that is described by MAC as a ‘neutral peach.’ The finish is glossy, therefore making it comfortable to wear. Although it is neutral, the peach undertone will make a great contrast to your skin.

Pinky: Maybelline’s Color Whisper Petal Rebel is the perfect purse lipstick. It is quite sheer, so you can easily grab for it without worrying about a messy application. It will give your lips a hint of pink and make them look nice and juicy because of it’s glossy finish.

True Nude: Kate Moss released a great collection of lipsticks with Rimmel, including a nude line. Number 40 is a true nude that is not for the faint of heart. This is a ‘nude nude,’ but if you are wearing a really bold eye, this is a great way to show it off even more.

Light Skin


If your skin is light but not fair,your goal is to find something that will look polished yet not chalky.

Peachy: MAC’s Peachstock is described as a warm-toned peach beige. If you have a warm skin tone, this is going to make you glow! It has a satin finish, so although it is light in color, it will not look dry on your lips.

Pinky: Okay, this is a pricey one, but Tom Ford’s Pink Dusk is the only lipstick you will need! The shade is perfect. Worth it? This line of lipsticks also has numerous oils and moisturizing ingredients.

True Nude: To offset the price of the above, this next one is affordable and amazing! Wet ‘n Wild’s Megalast Lipstick in Bare it All. This is my go-to lipstick line when friends ask me for drugstore suggestions. The color is nude enough to complement your skin, but not so much that it will blend in.

Medium/Tan Skin


Having a medium/tan skin tone can make it hard to find something that doesn’t look to pale and ashy on your lips. When your skin tone leans to the deeper tones, a lot of nude shades can end up too pale.

Peachy: MAC’s Kinda Sexy is a good choice. Apparently MAC does peachy well because it is my top pick for all the peach categories so far! I’ve been searching for so long to find a nude-peach that I can wear without a lip liner and this is it. It also makes me feel like I have JLO glow with it’s warm peachy undertone.

Pinky: LA Girl’s Flat Matte Velvet Lipstick in Snuggle is a beautiful pinky nude that leans slightly mauve. The formula on this is fabulous; it has little to no shine, glides on and has great lasting power! I also love that the tube indicates the color inside—all beauty junkies can relate to that ease of use.

True Nude: Maybelline’s The Buffs Lipstick in Truffle Tease really impressed me. In fact, I was so impressed when this collection came out because it really covered nudes for all skin tones. This has just enough of a brown-beige hue without it looking like concealer on your lips.

Deep Skin


When you have a very deep skin tone, you may need to think out of the box when it comes to nudes. Some lines do a great job covering all of their bases, but it is important to keep in mind that you will sometimes have to look through the whole line to find a nude for you, not just those first couple of light shades.

Peachy: L’Oreal’s Privee Collection in Eva’s Nude is a good starting point. Although Eva Longoria’s line does not have a deep skin tone, it has enough deepness and peach tones to be wearable. A lip liner may be required depending on the deepness of your skin.

Pinky: MAC’s Twig is a super and trendy rosy brown. Although it is on trend, I don’t think this shade will go out of style or become unwearable any time soon. Rosy browns have technically been around for ever, but a certain girl from a certain famous family just brought it into the spotlight.

True Nude: Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Molasses is a top choice. First of all, Bite Beauty uses all food grade ingredients. Described as a ‘rich toffee, it is exactly that with a great cream finish. With the brown undertones, I think this is a fun take on a classic nude.

The Power of the Lip Liner


Lip liner changed my nude lip game. This can be said for any skin tone, any undertone and any lips. Lip liners can make completely unwearable lip colors wearable and even more beautiful.

Choosing a lip liner that is two or three shades deeper than you lip color will add a definition to your lips that will help the nude lip liner not to look too pale or unnatural on your lips.

Draw around your lip line, and then also the inner corners of your lips moving inward. When applying the nude lip color, start from the middle and work out. It is seriously lip magic.

My last piece of advice is a little clichéd. There are no rules! If you are fair and want to wear a nude from the deep skin section go for it, and vice versa. I encourage it. This is just general guide to get you thinking about what you personally want to rock on your lips. Comment below with your favorite nude lip!


credit: youqueen

The Pros And Cons Of Wearing No Makeup

As simple as it sounds, wearing no makeup has both pros and cons. Do you like going makeup free? Read on to find out if it is the right choice for you.

Despite society having made makeup so easily accessible and desired, there are still many pros to not wearing makeup—and many cons.

The pros of an almost makeup free life:

Your skin will thank you!


If you don’t wear makeup, your pores will not be clogged from all the toxins and chemicals that are in makeup. Despite makeup technically being labeled safe through testing, it does still have chemicals that can be harmful and even carcinogenic. This means that by not wearing makeup, your pores will remain open and unclogged, and your skin and body will not absorb these chemicals.

In addition, your skin will have less acne and will be less prone to getting acne if you don’t wear makeup. This is due to your pores not having the opportunity to absorb or get clogged up from the makeup. Ironically, many women wear foundation and other types of makeup to cover up acne, but this creates a vicious cycle that only creates more acne or irritates existing acne more.

It’s a confidence booster

Beautiful Smiling Girl Portrait In Autumn Park

As much as women think makeup makes them more beautiful and desirable, this isn’t really the case. In fact, by not wearing makeup, you will learn to love the ‘flaws’ you hide with makeup. When you think about it, makeup is like a mask: it’s something we use to hide, fix or cover up what we think needs to be hidden or tweaked. However, you should be confident and love the way you look without altering it.

“I feel prettier with makeup,” or “Makeup makes me beautiful” should become a thought of the past. You won’t need to say this because you’ll become much more confident and will realize you feel prettier without makeup. Don’t hide who you are and what you look like. Love yourself. However, if makeup helps to make you feel more confident, then go for it—just know that you are beautiful regardless.

At first, not wearing makeup may seem daunting, and even seem as if you are exposed, but gradually it will get easier. By not wearing makeup, you will realize that you don’t need to fix your face and that you don’t need makeup, and slowly but surely, you will become more confident in the way you look. In fact, when you get a compliment you will feel so much better about it because it will be a compliment about your natural beauty!

Not wearing makeup has numerous pros: it will save you a lot of time and money, and it will allow you to cry without making a mess everywhere. You can also cuddle up and kiss your man without leaving any traces of makeup. However, not wearing makeup often also has its cons.

The cons of an almost makeup free life:

You are clueless

Young woman shopping in a beauty shop

When it comes to the world of makeup, there is a lot more to it than most people think. There are different brushes for different tasks, different methods, designs and styles of makeup, and then different types of every product. It is a very confusing thing—especially if you only wear makeup occasionally. If that’s the case, you feel completely clueless and don’t know what to use things for and what to do.

You make a mess

You not only don’t know how to use it and apply it, but you also make a mess of your face and the makeup itself. By being a newbie to makeup, the results range from smudged and mucky to clumpy and more, which then becomes a mission to remove. Similarly, those of us who seldom wear makeup will often make a mess of the makeup itself due to our lack of experience using the various products.

It’s foreign

Mascara smudged on the eyelid

Since you don’t wear makeup often enough, you often feel like it’s too heavy and in a way even suffocating your skin, which really is lousy because wearing makeup occasionally is actually fun.

You also tend to forget that you are wearing it and run the risk of smudging your makeup by touching your face, which is not as much fun. Another negative is that it’s not only foreign for you but for the people around you who seldom see you with makeup; no matter how little makeup you wear, they’ll think it’s too much since they never see you with any makeup at all.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: some people want to wear makeup all the time because it makes them feel good about themselves while others don’t, which offers its perks and negatives. In the end, wearing makeup is a personal preference, and for me, wearing makeup rarely is the way to go despite the cons, which do cause the occasional issue. Feel free to share your thoughts on the pros and cons of not wearing makeup!

7 Fall Lipsticks You Need To Try This Season

Bold and beautiful are two words we’d use to describe the fall lipsticks you’ll need this season, and if you’d like to try them out, check out these shades.

When it comes to lipstick, it seems as if we’re always bombarded with a hundred different shades from a thousand different brands. In the spring and summer, we are bombarded with the return of bright colors like pinks and oranges.

When it comes to fall lipsticks, the color palette takes on a dark approach with deeper and warmer tones.

Whether you’re a fan of Youtube beauty vloggers or makeup accounts on Instagram, the chances that you’ve fallen in love with a deep lipstick shade are high. Look no further!

If you want a glimpse into all of the best shades that will be hitting the streets this season, check out these 7 lipstick shades. Regardless of if your pockets are shallow or deep, you’ll be able to find a product that suits your style and budget!


NYX Cosmetics Macaron Lippies in the Shade Chambord

Why not jump right into the fall lipsticks with the boldest of the bunch?! If you’re more conservative when it comes to your lipstick, this might not be your cup of tea, but if you’re ready to shock the world with your bold lipstick, this is definitely the choice.

Black lipstick was once seen as a gothic trend, but it has become a staple in anyone’s closet that’s looking to make a statement with their makeup.

If you’re looking for a few brands with black lipstick to try, check out these three.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Witches,” $20

Covergirl Katy Kat Matte Lipstick in the shade “Perry Panther,” $7

NYX Cosmetics Macaron Lippies in the Shade “Chambord,” $6


Melt Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in the shade DGAF

I’m blue, da-ba-dee-da-ba-die. You might not be blue, but this season, you might find that your fall lipsticks are! Although the black lipstick trend was initially seen in gothic fashion, the blue lipstick trend popped out of the woodwork! When it comes to blue hues, you’ll find that you’re either dealing with a lighter turquoise shade or a deeper indigo.

One rule of thumb when applying blue lipstick is to always try with a liner first. For colors like blue, it is easy to tell if the lipstick is streaky because your natural lip color will peak through. If you’re ready to join the blue wo(man) group, check out these blue lippies.

Melt Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in the shade “DGAF.” $19

Lena Lashes More Matte than Matte in the shade “Angelo,” $6

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Angelo,” $20


Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks in the shade True Brown K

Before the rise of Kylie Cosmetics, brown lipsticks were a growing trend but it’s no surprise that with the coming of Kylie Jenner’s own brown liquid lipstick that the trend rose even more.

Brown lipsticks are a huge trend for these upcoming fall months, and we’re not just talking any brown. There are many brown shades that have hints of orange in them, but we’re talking deep brown.

Although Colourpop Cosmetics “Limbo” might appear deep on women with fairer skin tones, it does not hold the same effect as it would on a woman with a deeper complexion. Thankfully, the brown shades from Lena Lashes and Kylie Cosmetics look rich and dark on a variety of skin tones.

Thankfully, the brown shades from Lena Lashes and Kylie Cosmetics look rich and dark on a variety of skin tones.

Lena Lashes More Matte than Matte in the shade “Frederique,” $6

Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks in the shade “True Brown K,” $17

Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks in the shade “Limbo,” $6

Deep Orange

Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Kae

Bright oranges are the call for the warmer months but deeper oranges are a staple for fall lipsticks. For these months, we’re trading in the neons for burnt oranges and terracottas.

If you’re thinking of all the deeper orange shades in a 64-count Crayola box, that’s the vibe we’re going for! Not only are deep oranges perfect for the fall because they’re reminiscent of the leaves that scatter the ground, but they’re perfect for pairing with the other classic fall colors like camel and olive green.

For women with deeper skin tones, the “classic” deep orange might not look so deep on you. To counter this, try pairing your shade on top of a dark brown lip liner to achieve the perfect fall look!

Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Lovebug,” $6

Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Miami Fever,” $19.90

Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Kae,” $6

Deep Red

MAC Lipstick in the shade Media

If there is one shade you can get away with wearing during any season, it’s red. For reasons unknown, red has been the classic and staple lip color of any makeup collection.

Although we’re a fan of the candy red lipstick all year round, our fall lipsticks are trading in the brighter shade for its deeper companion. The vampy reds of the season will have you giving Dracula, Edward Cullen, and even Count von Count a run for their money. Just like most red shades, this deeper alternative works wells with almost any wardrobe.

Just like most red shades, this deeper alternative works wells with almost any wardrobe.

Keep your eye out for a few vampy red shades that will leave your lips looking like you just finished a serving of blood long after you tried wiping it away.

MAC Lipstick in the shade “Media,” $17

Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Black Rose,” $18

Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the Shade “Havana Nights,” $19.90


MAC x Halsey Lipstick in the shade Halsey

If you fell into the hype of 50 Shades of Grey, then you’d probably realize that gray is a fast growing trend, even in the makeup industry. Many makeup lovers are hesitant of the gray trend because of the ashy appearance of the color, but it seems that gray is the “traveling pants” of the lipstick world – it goes great with many different skin tones.

While you might be caught deciding whether or not you can master the gray lipstick trend, you might first want to recognize the different types.

You first have your “pure” gray which resembles the lipstick from Smashbox and then you have Halsey’s lipstick from MAC which has a very distinct blue undertone.

Smashbox Be Legendery Lipstick in the shade “Punked Matte,” $21

MAC x Halsey Lipstick in the shade “Halsey,” $17


Milani Cosmetics Amore Matte Liquid Lipsticks in the shade Matte Glam

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re not ready to try your hand at black, blue, or brown lipstick, you can always take your first shot at purple. Purple lipstick has significantly grown in the makeup world and there’s a good reason for it.

If you’re ready to branch out into different colors without wanting to take a dive into the deep end with an extremely bold color like black, purple is a good transitional color.

If you’re not dealing with a true purple, chances are you’re dealing with a purple that has either pink or red undertones to it which will help you, especially if you’re transitioning from pink or red lipsticks.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes in the shade “Transylvania,” $6

Milani Cosmetics Amore Matte Liquid Lipsticks in the shade “Matte Glam,” $5.99

MAC Lipstick in the shade “Smoked Purple,” $17

With the help of these fall lipsticks, you’ll be adding a bit more bold to your beautiful! Makeup is an experiment and what better way to experiment than with these dark shades for the fall months?!

In the comments below, let us know what your go-to fall lipstick is!


credits: YouQueen

5 Timeless Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Master

It’s often in our rush and habitual formation of beauty rituals that we skip the very steps we need most, deeming them non-essential to our final face. However, there are certain tricks I believe every woman should know for creating refined, precise and lasting results built to stand the test of countless hours of wear and time. Without them, touch-ups may become more frequent, a less balanced look is achieved, and you are not placing your best face forward — bottom line.

Fads come and go, but there are some bankable beauty secrets every woman should master. Take your beauty regimen to a whole new level of refinement and precision with my timeless beauty checklist:

Brush Those Batting Beauties
Mascara evolves with new and different formulas. As you find your favorite brand, make sure your batting beauties are always clump-free. Even with the most technologically advanced wands and top tier formulas, there is room for perfection, so take charge on your end. Enlist a small clean mascara wand and comb through your lashes just before they dry. This will not alter the desired effect from your brand, but will help de-clump so you can flaunt full, luscious lashes. Others will beg to ask, “Are those lashes yours?” and you can coyly reply, “Well, of course!”

Compliments of Coral
This is the color that complements us all. My beautiful grandmother always used to sport her favorite coral shade and I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite shades too. It is a warm, happy color that can enliven and brighten any complexion instantly. Coral is truly timeless, and it’s a color with a variety of shades that can transition for the more natural makeup-wearers to the more glamorous beauty seekers. Whether choosing a blush, lipstick, gloss or nail color, you can never go wrong with coral. It’s flexible too, offering fool-proof perfection for lips and nails.

My Lips Are Sealed
We all tend to have a slight redness that might creep around the corners of our mouth. When applying a natural lip balm or lipstick, as a last step, try defining the corners of your mouth with your matching shade of concealer. This helps to tackle any redness, as well as define the corners. It also creates a barrier to eliminate the color from traveling.

Frame Your Face
Eyes are the window to the soul, but I like refer to brows as the frame to your beauty. Nothing can awaken a face faster and even lift a tired eye than a manicured brow. Whether using a powder or eyebrow pencil, take notice of any areas that are slightly sparse or less evenly filled than other areas. I like to begin about 1/3 of the way in from your inner brow and gently fill while easing towards a taper, just beyond the arch. Select wisps of color can be added to augment your shape, creating a defined and groomed brow. I like to combine colors for a more natural fill that always creates an immaculately groomed brow. Try choosing a complimenting shade, as well as one that is slightly lighter than your natural brow color for the perfect fill. An optional — but great — last step is to apply a clear mascara to seal in your shape for lasting definition.

Perfectly Prime
The days of multi-step and multi-product beauty are long gone, but the tip to prime remains just as essential. Although now, it is executed with much more ease, especially with the introduction of CC creams. You can moisturize, protect, combat, diffuse, prime correct and cover — all with one product. Primer is essential for use before makeup application, and depending on its varying attributes, it allows for seamless application, it minimizes pores, and it prevents what I like to refer to as “the crease settle.”

Timeless beauty is not necessarily about the big things, but small steps that are the essential keys to perfection.


7 Easy Beauty Ideas For Busy Women

Just because you are slammed with work doesn’t mean that you have to forego looking your best. You can still look beautiful with creative makeup ideas that won’t take too much time.

If twenty-four hours a day isn’t enough for you to finish all your tasks (not because you move slowly, but because there’s just simply so much to do), you’re officially a busy gal.

Time is gold for you, so every second counts. You don’t have time to wonder and wander. You only have time to work, work, work just as badass Rihanna says.

If this is how you roll each day, chances are you sacrifice some important things in your life, including several time-consuming beauty routines (Oh, no!).

Since you can’t afford for a second to go by without you accomplishing a task, you may have forgotten how you look during the process.

You don’t have to look as if you’re going to attend a red carpet event whenever you’re meeting clients, but if you want to make a good first impression, you at least make an effort to look beautiful and professional at the same time.

For this reason, we’ve rounded up seven beauty ideas that will glam up how you look without taking much of your precious time.

1. Hide imperfections with concealer

young beautiful woman applied concealer under her eyes

We workaholic women don’t always get enough sleep. Despite that, you know how important it is not only to stay awake, but also to look awake. This is when the right concealer can do wonders for you.

Buy one that is close to your skin tone. After moisturizing and washing your face early in the morning, apply it in the area around your eyes to hide your dark circles and, in some cases, eye puffiness. You’ll look awake and alert (even with less sleep) in less than three minutes!

2. Captivate anyone with striking and expressive eyes

Have you ever seen some women forgo the blush and lipstick, but not their eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara? Yes! It’s all because the eyes are almost always what people notice about you, so you want people to be captivated while you have that split second opportunity.

The eyes are the window to the soul as the old adage goes, so you want people to notice depth instead of emptiness. How do you do these? The trick is simple.

Apply an eyeshadow that suits your skin tone, hair and attire. Then, apply your eyeliner (stick or liquid, whichever suits your fancy). Lastly, give your eyelashes a quick swipe of your mascara to make your eyes look fuller and awake. You’ll look perfect from day to night in less than ten minutes!

3. Moisturize

You don’t want a beautiful and radiant face, but a dull looking skin, do you? It’s an ugly combination. So, throw in that moisturizing lotion into your beauty essentials kit and lather it on skin generously to achieve soft and supple skin your colleagues will surely envy you for.

4. Plump those lips

Beautiful young woman is doing makeup

If you’re preparing for a meeting with clients or have a speaking engagement but are pressed for time, you can forget everything but your lips.

Make them pop just enough to keep things fabulous and exciting by using colors like red, fuchsia or plum. You can also add a light hint of lip gloss to give your lips a plumping boost.

You can do all these after protecting your lips by applying lip balm with SPF.

5. Keep those brows neat

Not all women can spare some time to get those brows taken care of. With that said, nailing the art of tidying up your brows yourself is a skill you need to master.

There are a variety of video tutorials available online, so watch one while on coffee break. They’ll teach you which brow form is perfect for your face shape so that even if you’re makeup free, you’ll always look impressive in photos.

6. Add some cheek color

If you look naturally pale, a hint of cheek color from a tint or blush on can go a long way. Pick a color that matches your skin tone, then apply it evenly after your face powder or foundation.

7. Style those tresses

Attractive teenage girl with red orange hair talking over her pink smartphone in public transport looking through window in a sunsetting light

You look perfect with your subtle but captivating makeup, but your hair is all over the place. Before you head out the door, brush your hair and tie it in a ponytail (braids are kind of time-consuming, but worth it if you have time to spare). You can also opt to wear a headband.

Just choose one in a solid color (gold or silver always does the trick) so it matches easily with your outfit of the day while keeping your hair away from your face as you work.

When you know that you have a long day ahead of you, it’s always best to start the day looking your best. It not only gives you a boost in your self-confidence, but also helps to impress the people you need to impress on any given day.

So cheer up, queen! Even if you don’t have much time to get all dolled up before you step outside, these easy but brilliant beauty ideas will do the trick for you. You’ll shine your brightest effortlessly wherever you go.

What other beauty ideas can you suggest for women who are pressed for time every day? How do you keep yourself looking beautiful despite being busy? Share your thoughts and beauty ideas in the comments.

What Every Woman Must Have In Her Makeup Bag

Sittingrum up a makeup kit, but not sure where to begin? We have the answers you need! Here are thing that are a must have in your makeup bag.

When I first became interested in makeup, I knew that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on makeup. I don’t use it often, so it usually ends up in the trash can because it’s expired rather than finished.

So, I watched some beginners’ makeup videos on YouTube, and read some articles about makeup products needed to make a pro makeup look.

To make a long story short, I made a list of the essential products, which I want to share with you. If you are a beginner, don’t use makeup every day or want to save some money, keep reading for some tips and suggestions.


eyeswadow palette

Eyeshadow is used to make your eyes pop. It comes in many different colors, but I recommend buying a palette of neutral and bright colors. In this way, you can diversify your makeup looks.

You can choose a shimmer, matte or sheer shadow. The most famous formulas are cream, pressed or loose powder or crayons.

You can also buy cosmetic glitter and even 3D glitter. When using cosmetic glitter, it’s better to have glitter in a gel, on an adhesive or in a gloss.

If you have loose cosmetic glitter, I don’t recommend putting glue on your eyelids—rather use a concealer or an adhesive medium.

Eye primer or eyeshadow base

Want a longer-lasting eyeshadow? Use an eye primer. It is cream or silicone-based, and most primers are sheer/skin tone/colorless. Eye primer can be used with any eyeshadow.

However, if you want a more vibrant shadow color, use an eyeshadow base. It is cream based, and you can find strong colored or sheer/skin tone/colorless bases.

If you choose a strong colored one, it’s like an eyeshadow, so you won’t need to apply a regular shadow.

People tend to say that primer and an eyeshadow base do the same thing, but sometimes they don’t. The main role of an eyeshadow base is to intensify the shadow color and to set the eyeshadow in place.

In contrast, the main role of an eye primer is to make the shadow last longer and not crease or fade.

If you don’t have an eyeshadow base, use a white matte eyeshadow to achieve a more vibrant color or a concealer to set the shadow in place.

If you don’t have an eye primer, apply a cream eyeshadow under a powder eyeshadow.


liquid eyeliner mac

Eyeliner is another makeup product to make your eyes pop. You can find eyeliners in different colors, but be sure to have a black and a white or nude color at all times.

The pencil doesn’t last long unless you buy a waterproof pencil eyeliner. Choose from a retractable, pencil, marker, liquid or gel eyeliner. Only use a pencil or retractable for the inside part of your eyes as you don’t want to cause an irritation.

Eyebrow kit

Eyebrow Kit

This kit is designed to make your life easier. You can also use a matte eyeshadow for your brows. The majority of kits go from light to medium and medium to dark.

If you decide to buy a kit, remember that having dark hair means choosing a kit that is one or two colors lighter than your hair color. If you have light hair, opt for a kit that is one or two colors darker than your hair color. You can also use a pomade for your brows.


mac mascara

Mascara is used to emphasize your eyes as it gives the illusion that they’re bigger and more enchanting. Like eyeliners, you will find different colors, such as pink, yellow, blue or green, but the most commonly used is black.

You can also buy a brown mascara, which looks more natural. You will find mascara for short lashes, definition, lengthening, thickening, etc. I recommend the voluminous mascara and one that is not waterproof because they tend to be harder to remove.



Blush adds color to your cheeks. It’s applied after your foundation to create a more natural look to the otherwise even and solid color of the foundation.

There are different types of blushes, such as cream, pressed or loose powder, tint, gel and pencil blush.

You also need to consider your skin color when choosing a blush. Rose is perfect for light skin tones, while peach, orange and coral is ideal for medium skin tones.

If you have a tanned or olive skin tone, choose a cherry rose or coral blush to complement your skin. For dark skin tones, orange, coral, copper, rose, fuchsia and red wine are best.

Aim for as natural a color as possible. Also, try pinching your cheeks to see what color appears.

And let’s not forget about bronzer. If you want that sun-kissed beach look, bronzer is your best friend! The product is made for different skin types and has different ingredients.

It comes in different formulas, such as pressed powder, serum, solid, spray, etc. If you don’t have a blush, and you have a dark skin tone, you can use a bronzer instead.

While bronzer is suitable for any skin tone, it should always be only one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone—anything more will look fake.

Fake lashes

fake lashes

You can choose full fake lashes or individual pieces of fake lashes. There are so many options that it’s impossible to include them all. Some are dramatic, natural, long, short or full volume.

If you want to use fake lashes, you will need a glue. The glue comes in clear or black. I recommend buying a clear glue. Two good brands are LashGrip and Duo. You can also buy self-adhesive eyelashes.


too faced born this way foundation natural beige

Foundation is a skin colored makeup used to hide imperfections or an uneven skin tone. As you know, it can change your natural skin tone, which is why you need to choose the right shade.

When you go to the store, you need to know your skin type and undertones (cool, neutral, or warm). If you have blue or purple veins, then you have a cool undertone, while those with neutral undertones tend to have blue green veins.

People with warm undertones have green or olive veins. Match the foundation to your chest and neck area; in this way, you won’t have a whiter face. Remember: it is better to have a lighter rather than a darker shade, because you can use a bronzer to get the perfect match.

When it comes to foundation formulas, they’re available in liquid, cream and loose, pressed or mineral powder with light to full coverage. You can also buy foundations for different skin types and tones, as well as different finishes, sunscreen and other benefits such as moisturizers, anti-aging/mature components and long-lasting.

If you don’t want to use a foundation because you prefer a more natural look, or you want a lighter product or don’t need a lot of coverage, you can use a BB, CC or DD cream or a tinted moisturizer.

BB cream is a beauty balm that is similar to a tinted moisturizer, but better and heavier. It hydrates, evens out skin tone and treats the skin with antioxidants and other anti-aging ingredients.

It also has sunscreen. CC cream is a color correcting cream, and is a lighter version of a BB cream or concealer. It addresses issues like redness or sallowness, discoloration, dark spots and acne scars.

Finally, DD cream is the dynamic do-all cream and a hybrid of BB and CC creams. It is perfect for people who want a lighter feel without sacrificing coverage.

A tinted moisturizer hydrates, evens skin tone and has a minimal coverage. Which color to use? Most BB creams are categorized by skin type rather than skin tone. If not, then be sure to match the cream or tinted moisturizer with your skin tone.


dior powder

I don’t like how powder emphasizes wrinkles, but the powder is needed to set the finished makeup and helps to avoid having a greasy face throughout the day.

When you choose a powder, be sure to match it to your skin tone, and apply the same principles as choosing a foundation. You can also buy a translucent powder, which matches all skin tones, but be sure to blend it well.

When it comes to types of powder, you will have to choose between loose and pressed. If you like a more natural look, use a mineral powder.


naked concealer

No one likes dark circles under their eyes. This is why we need to use a concealer. Concealer not only helps you to hide dark under eye circles, but also covers redness, discoloration, dark spots and acne scars.

It needs to be one or two shades lighter than your foundation or your skin tone.

There are neutral, white-, yellow-, orange-, green-, purple- and pink- or peach-based concealers. The color that you need depends on which color you want to hide.

If you want to hide a blue color, choose an orange-based concealer. To hide a red color, use a green concealer. Then, use a concealer that matches your skin tone to cover the colored ones. Hint: see a color wheel. If you don’t have a green concealer, use one that matches your skin tone.

Face primer

face primers

A face primer helps your skin to absorb makeup better, prepares your face, minimizes your pores and makes your makeup last longer. If you decide to buy one, they are available as sprays, sticks, gels or creams.

After applying it, wait 5-10 minutes before using the next product. The color of the primer varies, but you should choose one that helps you with your skin condition or desired result.

For example: illuminating, perfecting, color correcting, or shine free. You will find green, nude, purple, blue, pink, or clear primers, but they are all colorless when you apply them.

Contour kit

Contour Kit

This ia another product that is not essential because you can use a powder, concealer or foundation that is two shades darker to do the contouring and a foundation, concealer or powder that is two shades lighter to do the highlighting.

However, you can use a cream contour kit for a more natural look and a powder contour kit for a more defined look. A contour kit has shades to do contouring and highlighting.

The contour is a makeup technique to minimize some areas of your face. It allows you to have a smaller nose and less protuberant cheeks without surgery and only using makeup.

In contrast, highlighting is when you emphasize certain areas of your face—areas that are hit by sunlight. If you don’t like the highlighter in your kit, you can buy a highlighter of your choice.

To select the right shade, keep your undertones in mind. If you have warm undertones, choose a gold base, while if you have cool undertones, choose a silver base.

Some formulas are balm, cream, gel, liquid, etc. You can also use a shimmering eyeshadow as a highlighter.

Lip gloss

kiss me lip gloss

Lip gloss is a lipstick, but with gloss. It gives the illusion of fuller lips. I love lip glosses, but they don’t last very long. You will find a lot of shades, but be sure to have a transparent and a transparent with glitter.

This way, you can mix it with your regular satin or matte lipstick. Voila! You have the glossy effect that you adore.

Lip liner

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner

Lip liners are used to line your lips. If you use them right, you can make your lips appear bigger or smaller. You can also use lipstick to line your lips.

If you decide to buy a liner though, buy a nude color that you can use it with any lipstick. To avoid ending up with outlined lips only when you eat or drink, apply the liner before your lipstick.


mac makeup lipstick

The much-loved product that doesn’t last as long as most women would like: lipstick. With so many colors to choose from, I recommend buying the colors that you cannot live without.

There are different types of lipstick to choose from: satin, lip stains, matte, long-lasting and glitter. Want to be the center of attention? You can also use loose cosmetic 3D glitter and a sticky lip gloss.

This is not good if you are going to drink or eat though as you will end up eating glitter. Also, remember not to press your lips together because you will ruin the look. To get rid of the glitter, use clear tape.

If you are looking for something that lasts all day, buy a lip stain or a long-lasting lipstick. However, you will need a makeup remover to remove it at the end of the day.

They also tend to dry out the lips, so if your lips are dry or tend to chap easily, it’s best to avoid these. Stains can also draw attention to chapped lips or wrinkles around the mouth.

If you decide to use one or both, use a lip balm to moisturize your lips first and a lip gloss to moisturize your lips after.

Lip balm

baby lips lip balm

Lip balm is made to heal chapped and dry lips. It is recommended to apply a lip balm before a lipstick. Three famous brands are Chapstick, Vaseline, and Burt’s Bees.

You can find a lot of lip balm flavors as blueberry, bubble gum, almond or butter pecan. You can also make your own natural lip balm.


brushes set

Brushes are what you use to apply your makeup. Some people use their fingers. If you are applying makeup for other people though, use a brush. Similarly, if you want to blend some products, you will need a brush.

Some brush sets include 5, 10, 12 or 20 pieces or buy individual brushes. I prefer a 32-piece brush set, so I have all the necessary brushes and the other brushes to experiment with. Then, you can choose the brushes that work best for you.

What is your favorite product? I love lipsticks and eyeliners. Who doesn’t? They make your eyes pop and make your lips more attractive. Did I miss any products? Let us know below.

How To Find A Suitable Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

You can wear any lipstick color, but there are specific colors that makes us shine and pop. Find out here!

Who doesn’t love lipstick? The first lipsticks were made from readily available natural sources like fruit and plant juices. While these natural lipsticks are the healthiest, they don’t last very long.

This led to the need for a stronger—and longer-lasting—pigmentation. For example, Mesopotamian women ground precious gems and used the dust to give their lips an appealing glimmer. However, it was the Egyptians who made the most significant advancements in the manufacturing of lipstick.

Egyptian royalty, clergy, and aristocrats used several types of lipsticks, but some of them contained poisonous ingredients, such as nickel, that caused serious illness and even death. That is why many modern companies eventually stopped producing lipsticks that contained high levels of nickel.

Today, even though companies continue to improve the manufacturing of their lipsticks, the products still have some chemicals. In a response to this, we are returning to more natural and safer ingredients.

Having more options is great, but you also need to know which lipstick color suits you best based on your skin tone. While you can wear any color you like, some colors just suit us better. If you want to know more, keep reading.

Dark skin tone


Women with this skin tone can rock white and yellows, and they’re lucky because their skin tone mostly stays the same year round. Golden beiges, dark fuchsias, browns and magentas all look fantastic with this skin tone. In particular, fuchsia adds a glow.

If you’re after a shade of red, I recommend sticking to cool, deep and orange shades of this vibrant color. For nudes, you can’t go wrong with a brown, chocolate or peachy brown while dark pink is your most flattering shade if you’re after a more girly color.

Tanned or olive skin tone

This skin tone is considered to be the ideal because you never need to use bronzer or worry about tanning. The most flattering colors for this skin tone are dark reds, magenta, dark pinks and dark oranges.


When choosing a red lipstick, stick to those that are true reds or have a pink or cranberry base. For a nude lipstick, choose a taupe, warm brown or mauve brown. As for a pinks, any dark shade is a good choice, but hot pink will look especially fabulous on you.

Medium skin tone


Having a medium skin tone means that you have the best of both worlds and can look for colors that are neither too dark nor too bright. You can rock mostly medium pinks, reds, corals and oranges.

You also have the widest choice of reds as all the shades suit you. However, I recommend intense reds or those with a hint of orange. For nudes, opt for a medium brown or peach.

Finally, medium and rosy pinks are good choices for this skin tone.

Light skin tone


Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can wear any color if you have a light skin tone. While it’s true that pastels and warm colors look great on you, beige, light pink, golden brown and light peach look just as good.

Keep to coral reds or those with orange undertones while light nude, beige or nudes are your best choices for more natural colors. Light pink is another shade you should choose, but sandy, peachy and pale colors are just as good.

Lipstick is great for when we want to add a touch of color, but not too much makeup. It’s a cheap(er) and easy way to glam up an outfit when you can’t afford that new dress you really want.

Changing your shade of lipstick can also change your entire look.

If you’re after fuller lips—or at least the illusion of fuller lips—apply a lip gloss over the center of your lips. For the opposite effect, use a darker color. It’s amazing what you can do with lipsticks.

Let us know your favorite colors, textures and trips when applying makeup.

How to Apply Makeup for Beginners

Makeup may do magical things, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery. Applying a basic, natural look doesn’t require a lot of skill or tools. You can do lots of the blending with your fingertips, and choose to leave out certain products if they don’t appeal to you. So have no fear: enjoy the process and your fresh, glowing face!

Laying the Groundwork

  1. 1

    Start with clean skin. Wash with a gentle cleanser or simply use a toner to wipe away any impurities from your skin.

  2. 2

    Apply a light moisturizer. This will keep your skin from getting too oily during the day, and will help moisturize any dry patches on your skin.

    • Wait five minutes before putting on foundation (see the next step) so that the moisturizer can sink in.[1]
  3. 3

    Dab on a tinted moisturizer or a light foundation to your skin. Apply just a few spots with your fingers to your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, then blend with fingers or a foundation brush, working the spots outwards from the center in all directions.

    • If you want more coverage, you can use a makeup sponge to apply, using the same blending technique.
  4. 4

    Put a little concealer under the eyes. Use a small pointed brush to dot a bit where under-eye circles are darkest, usually at the inner and outer corners of the eye. Add a speck to other blemishes that aren’t covered by the foundation and blend into the skin.

    • There’s a little controversy about whether a concealer should be the same shade as your skin or ever-so-slightly lighter; however, it should never be lighter than one shade away from your natural tone. Look for something as close as you can find to your skin tone and err on the lighter side if need be.[2][3]
  5. 5

    Set the concealer and moisturizer with a translucent powder. Apply it to your face, ideally using a velvet-y powder puff (as opposed to a powder brush, as that leaves a lot of loose powder) in a pressing motion. Use a powder brush to flick off any excess. If you are using a powder brush to apply, tap off the excess powder before applying to your face in circular motions. [4]


Putting on Your Eyes

  1. 1

    Apply an eyeshadow of your choice to your eyelid. For beginners, try a single neutral shade like taupe or aubergine. Use a rounded shadow brush or your finger and make quick, short swipes across the lid, working your way up to the brow bone.[5]

    • The shadow should go from your lash line to just beyond the inner crease. From there it fades upward toward the bone.
    • Set with a thin dusting of translucent powder.[6]
    • If you’re using a brush, tap it lightly on the side of the eyeshadow case to remove any excess.[7]
  2. 2

    Apply eyeliner. Use a black or brown pencil and apply along the rim of your upper lash line in short strokes.

    • Lift your upper lid with one hand and look down into a mirror as you apply with your other hand.[8]
    • Eyeliner is one of the areas that you can really experiment with as you become more confident applying makeup. Factors like color, texture, and line application can have a big impact on the appearance of your peepers. Play around!
  3. 3

    Curl your lashes. Place a lash curler at the base of your upper eyelashes (along the lid) and press for five seconds.

  4. 4

    After this, apply mascara. Apply to the upper and lower lashes with the tip of the wand oriented towards the outer corner of your eye. One coat should suffice for this look.


Adding Cheek and Lip Color

  1. 1

    Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Smile as you do this so you can clearly see where the apples are. Dab on the blush and blend upwards towards your temples.

    • Try a cream blush for a natural glow that’s easy to blend in.[9]
    • If you opt for powder blush, use a brush that’s fluffy yet dense. Dust translucent powder over it to blend the edges.[10]
  2. 2

    Apply lipstick or lip gloss. Pucker your lips like you’re about to plant a kiss and dab the lip color to the center of your upper and lower lip. This first application can be straight from the tube; then, use your fingers to blend outwards, adding color with your fingertips as needed.

    • If your lips are chapped, prep them before putting on lip color. Gently buff them with a warm, damp washcloth and put on a light layer of lip balm. Let the balm absorb before moving on to lipstick or gloss.[11]
    • For beginners, the lips are a great opportunity to add color and vary your makeup regime without having to fuss over application technique, etc. You can work with anything from neutral, barely-there gloss to creamy, fire-engine red.
  3. 3

    Check yourself in bright light – daylight if possible – to make sure everything is blended and beautiful. You’re done!

Easy Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Cat Eye Make Up

If you want to add a touch of mystery and glamour to your make up routine, just wing your eyeliner a bit at the corners of your eyes, make your eyes catlike and make your lashes long. Do you like the idea? Then find out all the tips and tricks for the perfect cat eye make up in one place, just be careful never to run out of the eyeliner again, because you will feel naked.

Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Amy Winehouse, Alexa Chung – besides fame, what’s one other thing that they have in common? Perfect eyeliner application skills or at least having perfect artists, but their eyes looky perfect, nevertheless.

And if you think it’s only appropriate for the evening, you are wrong. Yes, there’s that dark, smoky, sultry, cat eye for the evening, but if done properly, it is appropriate for daytime and it can be one thing that makes you different. So, when I see a girl with perfectly lined eyes and perfectly winged eyeliner, that says girl power, a brave, adventurous spirit. Because be sure that, though anyone can put this look on, not everyone can pull it off.

On one hand, some people simply would not want to wear this look. On the other, those who do have to perfect it, get use to it, feel like it, and in the end they become addicted. But once you master the technique, it’s easy to get attached and cat eye is all you want. It takes the right product and some practice and patience, and definitely some great inspiration.

So, here are some instructions and tips for the beginners, some new tricks for the veterans, and some inspiration for all.

What You Need

eyeliner and other cosmetics on the table

Forget about that pencil that has been in your make up bag for ages, it won’t do. Pencils are usually too dry for this type of look and you won’t be able to get a precise line of the right color. You can find a softer pencil if you want, but they usually tend to smudge and leave a mark on the higher part of your eyelid when you open your eyes. You can use it for practice, but if you want best results try one of the following:

Gel eyeliner – this is the best choice for the beginners as it is easier to apply than the liquid eyeliner. You’ll also need a thin or an angled brush.

Liquid eyeliner – this type is the best for those who already have steadiness in their hand and some proficiency in applying eyeliner. It will give you a very precise graphic line. The usual colors are black or brown, but there is a wide range of color that you can choose from.

Q-tips and make up remover

How to Apply the Eyeliner

Make-up artist applying liquid eyeliner with brush

Applying eyeliner takes practice and a steady hand. Take some time when you are not in a hurry to get out of the house. It’s best if you put your mirror on a desk or someplace where you have enough space to rest your elbow on and make sure the light is right.

1. Make a few dots with eyeliner along your upper lash line. They should be as close to your lashes as possible. Start at the innermost corner of your eye and stop few millimeters before the outermost corner of the eye.

2. Carefully start connecting the dots trying to make the line as thin and precise as possible.

3. When you get to the last dot flick the line up at an angle of about 45 degrees. You can make it longer and then adjust the length with a Q-tip dipped in the make-up remover later.

4. Now, starting at about 1/3 of the outer part of the lash line, make the line gradually thicker and then, as you get closer to the tip of the wing, gradually thinner again.

5. This next step is optional. You can draw in the last third of the lower lash line, again as thin as possible, extending the line and connecting it with the winged part. Make sure to fill in any space between the lines.

As with eyebrows you won’t be able to make the lines on both eyes the same, as your eyes are naturally not the same shape. The aim is to make them as similar as possible. You can best achieve this by tilting your head back and looking at the mirror with your eyes almost closed. This will help you evaluate the length and the angle of the wing.

These are the basics. Practice and with time, as you get more confident, you will develop your own style and perfect a unique technique.

But if you still need a simpler explanation, you might want to try one of the following two tricks.

The Triangle Trick

Blue Cat Eyes Makeup

1. Starting at the outer corner of your eye, draw the line that follows the angle of your lower lash line, like an extension of the lower lash line. Do it on both eyes so that the lines match.

2. Now starting at the tip of the wing line, draw the line back to your eyelid. Fill in the little triangle with eyeliner.

3. Finally, make the corner between the wing and the lash line rounder.

4. Once you have the winged part, line the whole lash line or just the outer third.

The Sticky Tape Trick

For this trick you will need sticky tape with which you will create a template. You’ll still need a steady hand but with this template you won’t need so much time for trying to match the lines on both eyes.

1. This is very important! Before you start, stick the tape to the back of your hands a few times so it loses some of the adhesive. That way it won’t stick so hard to your skin and it will be easier to peel off and won’t hurt the gentle skin around your eyes.

2. So, take one piece of tape and stick it from the inner corner of your eye over your upper lid.

3. Take the other smaller part of the tape and stick it from the outer corner of your eye upwards so that it follows your natural lower lash line. The two tapes should intersect at one point.

4. Now, fill in the little template that you’ve made and carefully remove the tape.

The only problem with this technique is that the line and the wing will be very thick, so if you want to make a more discreet cat eye look you should use the triangle trick.

Cat Eye Make Up For Different Eye Shapes

Cat eyeliner makeup

We are all different and unique, but we should all have two main goals when putting on the make up. The first is to have fun. And the second one is to play up our natural features. Now, here is some advice on how to get optimal look for your eye shape while playing with the cat eye make up.

Wide Set Eyes – the aim is to make your eyes look closer and you can achieve this by starting the line from the innermost corner of the eye. And also remember that dark colors make things appear closer so always choose darker eyeliners and eye shadows.

Close Set Eyes – to make eyes appear wider set you should only line the outer corner of your eyes, or make the line very thin at the inner corner and gradually thicker from the second third of the lash line.

Small eyes – if your eyes are small, it’s best to avoid very thick and heavy eyeliner. However, you can make them appear bigger by lining the waterlines (inner lash line) with a white pencil.

Almond shaped eyes – line only the upper lash line and, if you want to, you can line the lower water line.

Round eyes – line only the outer two thirds of the upper and lower lash line and your eyes will appear more oval. Also if you do not connect the lines at the outer corner it will leave your eye more open.

Asian eyes – for this shape you can follow the instructions for the almond shaped eyes.

Daytime and Nighttime Cat Eye Make Up

If you are hooked on this look and want to wear winged eye liner all day, every day, here’s an easy routine to follow for your daytime make up.

Daytime – If you want to wear the cat eye look during the day, it’s best to tone it down a little.

1. Start with your usual routine: primer, foundation, concealer. You will need some kind of primer on your eyelids before applying the liner to keep it from smudging and make it last longer.

2. Line your eyes using one of the techniques above. Keep your elbow on a steady surface, tilt your head back and try to make the lines as similar as possible.

3. It’s best if you leave the lower lash line bare to keep the look simpler.

4. Apply a creamy, light eyeshadow all over your eyelid.

5. Add a coat of mascara.

6. And finally add some blush and a light lipstick or lip gloss, or simply some lip balm.

This is a simple but effective daytime look. Cat eyes for day may sound a bit too much, but it’s not. You will look unique and interesting. With time you’ll be able to create your own make up routine. But the best thing about this look is that you can easily transform it into an effective nighttime look.

Nighttime – You can go from work straight to a party with a few little tweaks on your face, transforming your daytime look into an evening look.

1. First, extend the wing a little bit to add more drama.

2. Depending on the shape of your eyes, line the lower lash line and the waterlines to add more depth to your look.

3. Add some dark shimmery eyeshadow over the eyelids.

4. Fill in your eyebrows, but don’t make them too dark because that element is already in your eyeliner.

5. You can add some more blush and lip color, but be careful not to overdo it or your face will end up looking like a mask.

Although the point of the night time look is adding more make up, keep in mind that less is more.

Cat Eye Inspiration

And in the end whether you decide to do a subtle cat eye like Alex, or a bit sexier a la Brigette and Marylin, or that in-your-face look of Amy Winehouse, inspiration is all around you. You can find it in vintage pictures, movies of the 60s, or you can find more modern version on TV or the runways. Get inspired, then practice and finally create your own style. And whatever you do enjoy the process and share the fun with your friends.