Vanessa Mdee drops a new song and it’s a hit

While we are waiting for Vanessa Mdee to drop her Ep, here a teaser. She released Moyo today, #1 single on her Ep. Its different from what we are used to hear from her and I love it. And let me tell y’all, it already on the replay.

The song goes like;

🎵 moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea nakaa na wewe natembea na wewe nalala na wewe bado unanikosea, zungumza na mimi mchana lalalaaa, zungumza na mimi usiku lalalaaa, na kama haifai hata ndotoni tu mhh, sishindane na kichwa, tumalizane yakaisha, moyo nirudishe maisha, tuputupu nimekwisha. Moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea moyo🎵

Go to YouTube and listen to the whole song