Vanessa Mdee drops a new song and it’s a hit

While we are waiting for Vanessa Mdee to drop her Ep, here a teaser. She released Moyo today, #1 single on her Ep. Its different from what we are used to hear from her and I love it. And let me tell y’all, it already on the replay.

The song goes like;

🎵 moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea nakaa na wewe natembea na wewe nalala na wewe bado unanikosea, zungumza na mimi mchana lalalaaa, zungumza na mimi usiku lalalaaa, na kama haifai hata ndotoni tu mhh, sishindane na kichwa, tumalizane yakaisha, moyo nirudishe maisha, tuputupu nimekwisha. Moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea moyo unanikosea moyo🎵

Go to YouTube and listen to the whole song

Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards

Hello darlings,

I hope y”all are doing fine. I’d like to ask you to help me vote for these celebrities.


  • The voting process is being done via two official lines; online at our website, and on social media( Instagram and twitter), by use of the hash tags provided
    ( #Asfas2016Nominee, #Asfa2016)

    The public voting carried a 40% power and the 60% is held by our panel of esteemed judges from the ASFAS Academy.

    1. Visit the link on our official site for the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards, at

    2. When on the home page, click onto the 2016 awards drop down menu and select Vote, and this will take you directly to the category list.

    3.Chose a category for which you want to cast a vote which will bring a drop down containing a list of nominees for that category. Each nominee has an image attached to their name, to make it easy for you to vote.

    4. Select the nominee of your choice, in order to vote for them. You’ll then be prompted to Log in with either Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus in order to vote.

    5. Voting online is done once for each account name (in this case Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus), and you can choose to change your vote, at anytime.

    6. Your vote is confidential and not viewable by other participants.


    1.     To vote using social media, you need to have an active instagram, or twitter account.

    2.     Post the voting banner or image of the nominee that you wish to vote for.

    3.     Caption the image with the name of the category for which you wish to vote for, and the name of the nominee. For example.


    #IVoteIdrisSultan #Asfa2016Nominee #Asfa2016

    PLEASE NOTE: You can vote as many times as possible with this platform. Voting on social media can only be done on Instagram and twitter.

    Here are the nominees I’d like to ask you to help me vote for them;

  • Idris sultan – Male Media Personality Of The year & Most Stylish Male Celebrity – Tanzania
  • Vanessa Mdee – Most Stylish Artist (Female) – Tanzania
  • Diamond Platnumzz – Most Stylish Artist (Male) – Tanzania
  • Ali Kiba – Most Stylish Artist (Male) – Tanzania
  • Sauti Sol – Most Stylish Artist (Male) – Kenya
  • Jokate Mwengelo – Best Dressed Artist (Female) – Tanzania
  • Juma Jux – Beste Dressed Artist (Male) – Tanzania
  • Herieth Paul (Female) – Outstanding Model Of The Year – Tanzania
  • Niroge – Vanessa Mdee – Most Fashionable Music Video
  • Fashionista Of The Year – Hamisa Mobetto (Female) – Tanzania








Happy Birthday To Vanessa Mdee

Happy Birthday to the East African Best Female Artist.

May this new year bring you joy, peace, and much more blessings. May you always have enough happiness at your life to keep you sweet, enough trials and errors to keep you strong, enough success to keep you trying, enough faith to give you courage and enough determination to make each day a good day to remember. May you be blessed with total freedom, peace, success and security this year




My WCW of the month May is nobody else but my favourite gal Vanessa Mdee.

Who is Vanessa Mdee and why is she my WCW?

Vanessa Mdee also known as Vee Money is a Tanzanian recording artist, songwriter, youth activist, TV and radio host. Mdee is popularly known for being the first ever Tanzanian MTV VJ.

Vanessa has had the chance to interview many artists, such as K’Naan, Kelly Rowland, French Montana, Trey Songs, Mac Miller, Rick Ross, Ludacris, Miguel, Donald, Nazizi, Xtatic, Stella Mwangi,  Camp Mulla, Tay Grin, Teargas, Dr. Sid and many more African and international acts. In 2015 and 2016 she released three singles Nobody But Me, Never Ever and Niroge which were also received well.

The reason why she is my favourite and my WCW is that Vanessa Mdee is a very strong, hardworking, beautiful, intelligent, talented, educated andconfident woman. Whenever she gets or sees an opportunity, she grabs it and makes something great out of it. She is a go getter. She is every girl’s role model. She knows the different between business life and  private life. And trust me, you won’t see her mixing them two. She is what you call a BUSINESS WOMAN. And that’s why she my favourite girl.


Don’t forget to listen/watch Vanessa’s new song Niroge